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Mumford And Sons Tour 2015 Is Underway Buy Concert Tickets Soon

This band has single-handedly revived folk music and brought it to the attention of the masses. They recently mixed up their style a bit and have introduced a heavier rock influence into their songs. You can see them play in all their various styles in person on the Mumford and Sons tour this year in 2015.

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We’ve got each and every date that these guys are planning on playing. If you want to see them perform a concert in person just check the dates and see which one is in your area.

The Mumford And Sons Tour Changes Things Up For Dedicated Fans

With a unique fusion of pop and folk music M&S has risen to become one of this generation’s most popular groups. With the introduction of their new album entitled “Wilder Mind” they departed from their previously more folksy sound and added in more rock elements. This was quite a surprise for some of their more hard-core listeners. It’s also quite risky when you think about it. You’ve got a large fan base that is used to your playing your music one way, and then you come out and totally change your style.

That just goes to show you that Mumford and Sons are the kind of group takes the easy road. They stayed true to themselves and play the music that they feel in their souls no matter what the cost. This change could skyrocket them to new found popularity that they previously were unable to attain, or they could slowly see their ticket sales dwindle, and their fan base dissipate.

M&S Tour Info For 2015 And Beyond

The last time we got to see this group of folk stars perform in concert was in 2013. They had a very successful run that year, almost selling tickets to the tune of $10 million. That just goes to show you that it’s no small risk totally changing their sound. They’ve got literally millions of dollars on the line, and that $10 million figure has only increased as their popularity has grown. They really are taking quite a big chance by potentially alienating the same fans who gave them their popularity originally by making such huge alterations to their music. This year will be a great indicator as to whether or not these changes paid off!

Playing Shows At Secret Concert Venues

Mumford and Sons took an unusual approach and how they prepared for their new 2015 dates. They are playing shows with thousands of people in the crowd, they are hitting up small clubs and playing unannounced shows for unsuspecting crowds. They were already getting ready in this fashion for over one month before their real shows officially began. One of the last shows they played in this style was held in New York and there was only a few hundred people in the crowd.

Along with their music, they’ve also altered their appearance on stage. They used to be adorned in cowboy and folk style clothing. But in their recent concerts, they have been wearing all black clothing. They have even expressed a desire to pick a new name for their band to, but this would probably confused too many of their fans.

Criticism From The Media And Fans Alike

Many people have much to say about their departure from their previous folk roots. Many have said that the new Mumford and Sons sound is simply to generic. They will need to find their own special sound within rock if they intend to continue with this style. This criticism definitely has some valid components. They gained their audience through folk music, not rock music. If they are going to do battle with the other more famous rock bands they will have to bring something new to the table.

Whether you agree or disagree with their decisions, no one can deny that they put on very entertaining shows. Mumford and Sons tickets are still for sale, there aren’t that many shows left though. You still have a chance to get pretty good seats if you make your decision soon.

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